Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department provides centralized information technology support to approximately 650 users working in 16 departments located in 18 municipal buildings. The IT Department maintains and operates the citywide network, which includes multiple servers, workstations, printers, multiple software applications and voice transmission.

Additionally, the IT Department provides, operates and maintains a secure and stable technology infrastructure to support city services. Overall, the Information Technology Department provides desktop, network, application and systems management services as well as mobile device support for all city departments.

Five-Year IT Strategic Plan
The City of Allen's technology abilities have grown dramatically over the last several years. The City has effectively managed the deployment of long-term projects, as defined in the previous IT strategic plan, as well as kept pace with the increasing user needs. In order to maintain the strategic momentum towards improved digital government services, the City, IT has re-engaged with eGov Consulting Services to update the IT Strategic Plan.

The updated plan describes:
  • A vision for information technology for the City for the next five years
  • The mission of the IT Department
  • The strategies and goals the IT Department will use to move the vision forward over the next five years
  • Specific initiatives/projects IT Department will undertake to achieve those strategies/goals.
This Plan was developed through a consensus process with City Management, IT Department’s staff and IT Department’s customers. The intent was to take a holistic, corporate view of information technology for the City, in order to better understand how the IT Department could best serve the City’s needs.